About the Ehlen Group

The family business was founded in 1997 by Karl Heinz Ehlen. While founding the concern he qualified as an approved well specialist. He was joined in the following years by his similarly qualified sons Sebastan and Florian. His third lad, Moritz, joined in 2010 and has since qualified as a well driller.

The Ehlen Group at the moment employs a team of 24 people and is headquartered in the Vulkaneifel. All German and Belgian customers are served by this head office. From 2009 the Luxembourg customers have been the responsibility of our Luxembourg office in Mertert. Our assignment is to make geothermal heat available for you. With our 8 convoys and two service teams we strive constantly to provide you with a convenient work schedule.

In 1997 we were already successfully constructing geothermal heating facilities and also had no problem with the toughest terrain. We have, since our foundation in 1997, put over 5,100 such facilities into operation. Our experience and competences were confirmed in June 2007 by the Certification from the “Fachausschuss des Zertifizierung Bau e.V” (German safety committee of professional construction associations, approved for theoretical knowledge and practical competences with the Certification “W120”.)

Our experience in geothermal drilling can be seen in our annual drilling record. These include granular soil drilling (in the Euskirchen, Düren, Cologne and  Mainz areas), as well as bedrock drilling (in the Eifel, Hunsrück, Westerwald, Siegen, Bonn, Trier, Luxembourg, Wallonia in Belgium, just to give you some examples). We can therefore claim to be able to adapt ourselves to differing drilling conditions, since we have successfully done so in most types of location and conditions.


1997: 2,768 m
1998: 9,365 m
1999: 12,565 m
2000: 14,762 m
2001: 18,703 m
2002: 18,553 m
2003: 18,732 m
2004: 23,500 m
2005: 30,416 m
2006: 52,359 m
2007: 54,505 m
2008: 64,465 m
2009: 73,416 m
2010: 62,701 m
2011: 76,389 m
2012: 77,683 m
2013: 94,274 m
2014: 81,149 m
2015: 88,041 m

Total to date: 874,346 m