Geothermal drilling

Geothermal drilling involves a borehole whose final depth is usually between 75m and 150m. How deep and how many boreholes are needed is calculated from the energy needs of the house from the heat pump installed. Connected with the drilling procedure, a so-called double-U probe (2 pipe circuits each consisting of two PE-100 pipes connected at the lower end in a 180° curve, thus creating a circuit) is lowered into the borehole. The probe is later filled with a brine fluid medium which acts to convey the heat to the heat pump. After successful installation of the geothermal probe, the borehole is grouted in compliance with local regulations in accordance with guideline *VDI 4640 with a Betonite-cement suspension

Preconditions for geothermal drilling

  • Water rights permission must be granted for the geothermal probe installation. We supply you with all documentation for this free of charge.
  • The borehole site must be made accessible for a truck
  • During the execution phase water supply from the house and a normal 230 V power supply must be made available.
  • All non-hazardous drilling debris has to be removed by the customer. We would be glad to be of assistance with this. About 1m³ of sand is required for sanding the connecting trenches and for sealing the borehole (Bentonite - cement - sand - suspension).

Connection to the house

After successful drilling, we lay the probe tubes up to the brine distributor (bundling of piping to an outflow and a return pipe), and then connect these appropriately. Following this, the brine outflow and return is laid into the house. The brine distributor will be installed by our service team either in a funnel or observation shaft, so that that they can always have access to this distributor. To complete our work, we of course offer you the option of clearing all excavated materials and filling in the heat source site.